Events Timetable

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 Important notice

Entry fees for Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Cardfight Vanguard events will be increasing to £5 for the regular events. On saturdays and any evenings if we have space, you can play your own game for a table fee of £2. Game demos on request for Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Warhammer 40k when available.

Regular Events


  • 10am-12pm       Free Tables (play TCG’s free of charge on our tables)
  • 2pm-5.30pm     Free Tables (play TCG’s free of charge on our tables)
  • 6pm-10.30pm   Dragon Ball Super Card Game & Cardfight Vanguard tournaments. May run overtime.


  • 10am-12pm       Free tables
  • 2pm-5.30pm     Magic the Gathering Free Tables
  • 6pm                     Magic the Gathering Casual + Commander (EDH)  fee of £3 applies


  • 10am-12pm        Free Tables
  • 2pm-5.30pm     Free tables
  • 6pm-10.30pm   Roleplay


  • 10am-12pm         Free Tables
  • 12pm – 10pm         Warhammer and tabletop games


  • 10am-12pm          Free Tables
  • 2pm-5.30m         Magic the Gathering Free tables
  • 6pm-10.30pm     Friday Night Magic


  • 10am-1pm Pokemon League (alternates between a standard tournament and casual play each week) unless there is a special event like Pre-releases.
  • 1.30pm – 4.30pm Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament (advanced constructed)

Magic the Gathering Scheduled Events


Yu-Gi-Oh Scheduled Events



Pokemon Scheduled Events


Cardfight Vanguard


Dragon Ball Super