JOYTOY – Warhammer 40K Necrons Szarekhan Dynasty Overlord

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Unleash the might of the Necrons with this stunning 1/18 scale JOYTOY Warhammer 40K Szarekhan Dynasty Overlord figure.

• Highly detailed and accurate to the source material
• Features intricate Necron armor and biomechanical design
• Posable limbs for dynamic display
• Premium quality construction for lasting display

This Necron Overlord is the epitome of the Szarekhan Dynasty’s ancient power and technological superiority. Clad in ornate biomechanical armor, this towering figure commands respect and instills fear in all who gaze upon it. Whether you’re a Warhammer collector or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, this JOYTOY Overlord is a must-have addition to any display.


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