JOYTOY – Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator Branis Ventan

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Unleash your inner Space Marine with the JOYTOY Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator Branis Ventan! This ultra-detailed 1/18 scale figure puts the power of the Imperium at your fingertips.

  • Highly articulated posable figure
  • Realistic Ultramarines chapter colors and markings
  • Comes with multiple interchangeable hands and weapons
  • Detailed sculpt captures the Primaris Eradicator’s heroic pose

Bring the grim darkness of the far future to life with this premium collectible. The Branis Ventan Eradicator is a formidable warrior, his heavy weapons ready to purge the enemies of mankind. Display this magnificent figure and let your imagination run wild as you fight the eternal war against the alien, the heretic, and the mutant.

This 1/18 scale Warhammer 40K model is a must-have for any serious hobbyist or collector. Relive the epic battles of the 41st Millennium and inspire awe in all who gaze upon your Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator.


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