JOYTOY – Warhammer 40K White Scars Raider-pattern Combat Bike

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Unleash your inner Space Marine with the JoyToy White Scars Raider Combat Bike! This 1/18 scale marvel puts the power of a fearsome Astartes fighter right at your fingertips.

Highly detailed, true-to-source design
Removable weapons and accessories for customization
Durable, high-quality construction

The White Scars Raider Combat Bike captures the raw aggression and speed of the legendary Chapter’s fast-moving attack forces. Charge into the fray, guns blazing, and bring the Emperor’s wrath to your enemies. Whether you’re a veteran collector or new to the hobby, this model will have you praying to the Immortal God-Emperor for more.

This 1/18 scale masterpiece is the perfect addition to any Warhammer 40k enthusiast’s arsenal. Bring the fury of the White Scars to your display case and strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.


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