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What are Gundam models, aka Gunpla? They are model kits that require assembly. The various types come from the anime, manga and special editions. There are ‘grades’ which basically mean the level of detail and complexity of the kits. describes the types of grades of model kits. Collecting and building gunpla is a fun and enjoyable hobby, its deeply satisfying spending time constructing and finishing a kit, and with the amount of flexibility in most kits, you can pose them in multiple positions, re-enact scenes from the series, customise and paint them how you want. We sell a small selection of gunpla kits, but we’re building up our range all the time. Keep checking back for new and exciting products.

To construct the kits you will need a pair of clippers to remove parts from the sprues, a set of mini files or fine sandpaper to smooth done mold lines and bits of the sprue sticking out from parts, a sharp hobby knife to aid with removal of excess sprue, a pair of tweezers to help with small parts and putting on stickers and optionally paint to finish off the model. Glue is not needed in most cases, a few of the older kits from the 80’s and 90’s did need some parts glued on but this isn’t true of the new kits, they are wholly snap fit together. If you make a mistake and put parts together the wrong way or in the wrong place, just very gently prise apart the bits and  re-do. Do not use a lot of force as this may snap the connecting lugs and you would definately need to use glue to repair it. Although the instructions are in japanese, the parts are clearly marked and the orientation or how it is supposed to be facing during construction, are marked with little arrows.

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