Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook: Dungeon Master’s Guide


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GUIDE ADVENTURERS: This guide contains all the rules and inspiration you need for running your own adventures. This includes guidelines for non-player character creation, over 240 magic items with descriptions, lore, and illustrations and dozens of tables to inspire in-game outcomes.
IMMERSE YOUR PLAYERS: What?s the demon lord?s secret weakness? Are the orcish invaders a criminal enterprise, or traitorous allies? Dozens of tables throughout the book help inspire your decisions and keep the game flowing smoothly.
ESSENTIAL TOOLS: The Dungeon Master?s Guide is one of the three main Dungeons & Dragons books, along with the Player?s Handbook and Monster Manual. It?s a reference used by the Dungeon Master (the game?s narrator) to create adventures?to run Dungeons & Dragons games and fill them with characters and stories.
UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION: Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative storytelling game that harnesses your imagination and invites you to explore a fantastic world of adventure, where heroes battle monsters, find treasures, and overcome quests.